Woman vs Medicine Cabinet

Today I wanted to tackle the upstairs guest bathroom. It was an ugly yellow color that Shane really hated. I wasn’t a big fan either. I only had a babysitter for the morning so I only had time for one coat. I dropped Norah off and got to work taking off the outlet covers, shower curtain rod and towel bar.

There is a medicine cabinet in the bathroom that I really don’t like. The front and sides are mirrored, and it’s just metal on the inside. Not my cup of tea. We had an identical one in our master bathroom that we got rid of. Plus there’s a full cabinet on the other side of the vanity, I feel it’s just not needed. It was held up with just four screws, so Shane figured I could take it down myself. The screws were really tight! I got one out easily, the second one took some elbow grease. The last two I had to WD40, twice.

When I finally got it down, this is what I found:



Hideous wallpaper! Eww. Luckily it peeled right off.

Then I found this:


Sheetrock! It was never primed. I don’t know if that’s normal, but I found it strange. So I had to go find primer. Fortunately, we had 3 cans so I didn’t have to run to the store. I also had to spackle the four screw holes, along with the nickel-sized dents that surrounded each hole.

So after all that hubub, I finally got to start painting. There are two doors, the shower, vanity and light fixture to paint around. I used the grey color that I used on a few walls on the main level. I love grey!

I got the whole room painted. Except for behind the toilet, and a corner I just couldn’t reach. Shane will move the toilet when he gets home so I can get a coat on the wall behind it. Hopefully I can finish painting before we head out to Edgemont this week!



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