When the husband’s away…

The wife gets into his power tools!

Sorry for the long lag since my last post. We’ve been keeping busy! We’ve gone on 3 trips since my last post in late July: 2 trips to Edgemont and one to Virginia Beach. We have managed to finish the driveway and paint the whole main level of the house and the upstairs guest bathroom.

On my last trip to Edgemont, it was just Norah and I. Shane’s sister and her son met us out there for the week. We hiked, worked on art projects, made prickly pear jelly/syrup, and played with Papa and Grandma, or as Norah calls her, Barb. πŸ™‚ She can’t figure out how to say “Grandma.”

Sheila and I went through the barn and shop again, much to the dismay of my husband who hates “stuff.” But I brought back some pretty sweet finds anyway! Shane won’t let me have a wagon wheel (yet), but Jim found me a smaller wheel that was used as part of a pulley system. The plan is to make an end table out of it. There were two small card catalogs in the garage, so Sheila and I each took one. I haven’t figured out what to do with it yet, but it was too cool to leave behind! Shane requested a pitchfork for our compost pile, so Jim gave me a cob fork to take back.

The main thing I wanted to bring back was an old door that was stored in the barn. The plan was to sand it down, stain it, cut it in half the long way and make a corner shelf out of it. Easy peasy, right!?

We figured out the door came from Shane’s great-grandma’s house. Probably a closet door because it’s pretty little. 23×70 to be exact. Tiny! Also, it’s pink.


I used Citrastrip on the door and let it sit for a couple hours. I scraped half of it and then put more Citrastrip on and let it sit overnight.


Half scraped door

There seems to be two coats of paint on it. A nice light pink over green. Jim and I scraped and scraped that door. We barely saw any wood. When the time came to come home, we wrapped it up and stuck it in the Rav4.

At home, I put more Citrastrip on it and let it sit overnight again. I let Shane try to scrape it, and then he took us to the hardware store. Yay Bomgaars!

He bought a handy little scraping tool for $8, and got it down to this in about 15 minutes.


I kind of wanted to punch him for making it so easy! Oh well.

Now that he’s on a 4 day trip, I took matters into my own hands. Literally.

Are you scared?!

Are you scared?!

I spent about an hour this morning sanding that bad boy down. Two cheers for power tools! Shane has a DeWalt Random Orbital Sander. I put 80 grit sandpaper on it and went to town.


So much better! We’re finally getting somewhere. Getting into the grooves is going to be a pain. If anyone has some helpful tips, it’d be much appreciated!

I’d like to get the door all cleaned up this week so we can rip it and make the shelf unit!


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