We Joined the Y

We made the decision last week to re-join the YMCA. We were members post-engagement, pre-wedding. It lasted a few months. Mostly because we hate exercising.

Now that I’m a stay at home mom, and Shane is gone often, I wanted to join to save my sanity. Our Y has a child care center, so they watch your kid while you work out. Also, I think Norah will like the pool! I hope so anyway. I know I like it.

So while Norah was napping today, I went to the Y. There are 6 elliptical machines. The first two had older ladies on them, an empty one, an old man on the next, another empty, and then another older lady on the last one. I grabbed the first empty one, and here’s what happened:

Older lady: That machine is squeaky! If you use it, that man will make you move. He’s my husband. He made me move.

Me: Okay, I’ll try the other machine. Thanks!

Old man: She never listens to me any other time!

Ahh, I love old people!

So these ellipticals aren’t the typical ones with tracks. Oh no. You have to work to make these bad boys move. After about 30 seconds (no lie), I wanted to get off! Then I looked to my right. The old lady had been on it for an hour, at a higher resistance! I looked left. The old man had been on it for 30 minutes at resistance 20! So I sucked it up and made it 20 minutes. Really, the first 3 minutes are the worst.

I tried out the water rower for awhile. That was actually fun. It’d be more fun just going canoeing or kayaking, but this will have to suffice.

It wasn’t a long workout, but it was something, and that’s what counts, right?! I never weigh myself, but I think I will go do that so I have a starting point. Shane is going to be gone for the next 3, maybe 4, days. I’ll probably be heading back there. Wish me luck 🙂